Interesting and useful classic computing-related sites

Local Clubs, Lists and Events
The Vintage Computer Festival Midwest
SCAT - Suburban Chicago ATarians
Chicago Area Timex/Sinclair Users Group
Glenside Color Computer Club (Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer)
SWRAP - Chicago's Commodore Group Since 1983
Chicago TI-99/4A Users Group

Resouces From Around the World, home of the CC-Talk mailing list
The Vintage Computer Federation

Museums, Galleries and Collections
The Soviet Digital Electronics Museum

Software and Documentation Sites
The ChiClassicComp Docs Archive (Local Link)
The Vintage Technology Digital Archive
Archive.Org's Commodore (and more) collection
TRS-80 Color Computer Archive
The OS Archive Bookshelf

Other Stuff
The 'net's first web page!
Gophervista, the Gopher search engine

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