A collection of links to pages on the history of computing at various universities, corporations and other institutions

  • University of Delaware ECE/CIS 1988-1990
  • Project Delta at the University of Delaware
  • Terminals at the University of Deleware
  • Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC (Wofford Witch)
  • University of Hawai'i Historical Timeline
  • Kent State University, ca. 1992
  • Penn State Computation Center Bulletin, 1988 (PDF)
  • Tour of Clemson University's Computer Center, ca. 1980
  • Auburn University, 1970s
  • A Chronology of Computing at The University of Waterloo
  • 50 Years of Computing at MSU
  • Columbia University Computing History
  • Academic Computing/ACS at the University of Texas at Arlington, early 1970s
  • Arlington, TX High School computer club, early 1970s
  • University of Missouri, Rolla
  • UC Riverside Mainframe Datacenter

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